Ep. 009 – Wisconsin Drinking Game

“The Original” Jon F. Levendusky and Jordan “Pistol Whip” Shimon traveled across the entire country to be on this episode of Holy Smokes: The Podcast.  We recount stories of our youth that involve booze, sharts, and streaking.  We also turned the entire episode into a drinking game.  Run to the store and pick up a twelve pack for this very drunk episode of Holy Smokes!


Episode 9 Preview

Episode 9 is right around the corner, and my hangover is almost gone!  This episode is a very very special one.  I was joined by two of my longtime friends from my hometown in Wisconsin!  They spent 1 week at my place and we remained drunk the entire time.  Their first night in town, we attempted to record a podcast at 4:30AM after about 2 hours of slurring, arguing, and knocking over microphone stands we decided that NOBODY in their right mind would listen to that garbage.  SO with a swift strike of the delete key, our 2 hour experiment was sent straight to hell, where it belongs.  A couple days later we decided, let’s try this again, and that’s exactly what we did.  We started at 6PM instead of 4AM , so we were much less hammered.  This episode is special because we spent the time recounting stories of our past and adventures we shared.  Oh!  Also, we made the entire episode a drinking game, which I, without debate, lost in embarrassing fashion.  Stay tuned friends, episode 9 is coming sooner than you think!

Ep. 008 – The Campbell Brothers

Luke and Andy Campbell, 2 film-making brothers, are the esteemed guests on Episode 8 of Holy Smokes: The Podcast!  We chronologically go through their entire filmography from beginning to end!  We also touch on hot button topics like backyard wrestling and biker gangs!

The Campbell Brothers




Ep. 007 – Bob Khosravi and Maggie Maye

Bob Khosravi (@puddleychef) and Maggie Maye (@MaggieMayeHaHa) sit down for a nice little chat on episode 7!  Halfway through our conversation we were joined by a very special, very unannounced guest!  Get ready to tweet your police chief, and enjoy the show!

Bob Khosravi Maggie Maye







Ep. 006 – Danny Palumbo and Aaron Brooks

Gather ’round, episode 6 is here, and it’s story time!  Aaron Brooks (@funnybrooks) and Danny Plaumbo (@plaumbros) joined me for a late night chat after they both got off of their respective stages.  Aaron shares many stories chronicling his streak of bad luck with hecklers.  Danny tells us about Lil’ Buco, and we share many laughs along the way!  Enjoy episode 6!

aaron_brooks Danny Palumbo







Holy Smokes: Taking a Stand

- That’s it.

- I’m taking a stand.

- There are things I need to get off my chest.

- Things I believe in, strongly.

- Things that are probably not going to be popular.

- In fact, it may even upset some people.

- But nonetheless, this is America, and it’s my right to speak my mind.

- Even if what is on my mind will upset others.

- So with that being said.

- I am going to say some things.

- Some things that I firmly believe in.

- I’m going to say some things that may come off as abrasive.

- I’m going to say some things, that YOU might not agree with.

- But enough is enough.

- I’m taking a stand.

- I’m standing up for what I believe in.

- If you can’t handle the truth, I suggest you stop reading.

- I suggest you go somewhere else.

- What I’m about to say will certainly ruffle some feathers.

- It’ll probably cause quite a commotion.

- I’ve been silent for too long.

- It’s time to stand up for myself and what I believe in.

- I don’t care if it pisses people off.

- I don’t care.

- It needs to be said.

- I can’t think of a better place than here.

- A better time than now.

- So here it goes.

- And let me remind you:

- These views and opinions are fact.

- Also, let me remind you:

- What I’m about to say is probably going to rub some folks the wrong way.

- Also, let me remind you:

- I’ve been silent for too long.

- So here it goes.

- I think what Michael Vick did with those doggies was bad.



Jason “Thunder” Walters

Episode 6 Preview

On Sunday we’re joined by 2 wonderful comics!  Danny Palumbo, creator of http://lilbuco.com – a fictional fine dining restaurant for kids.  We also chat with master story teller and king of bad luck, Aaron Brooks.  Prepare yourselves for Episode 6, this Sunday, and try to ignore me laughing in the background, THE ENTIRE TIME.

Danny_Palumbo aaron_brooks

Ep. 005 – Lashonda Lester

Lashonda Lester is on the show!  From pro wrestling and pimpin’ hoes is Detroit to stand up comedy in Austin, Lashonda tells us everything we need to know about her fascinating life.  I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed making it!












Episode 5 Preview!

Episode 5 is right around the corner, and my guest is Lashonda Lester!  Lashonda’s story is fascinating and quite possibly the most unique life story I’ve ever heard!  From pimpin’ and pro wrestling in Detroit to stand up comedy in Austin. Lashonda chronicles her journey all the way to Nickelodeon Studios in New York City!  Lashonda was featured on Nickelodeon’s “NickMom Night Out” in Episode 4 of seasaon 3, which is available on Hulu Plus! Episode 5 of Holy Smokes: The Podcast comes out this Sunday, and you don’t want to miss it!